Microsoft has release a new version of the Skype for Business Online Powershell which now Supports Modern Authentication to allow you to sign-in with accounts having MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) activated.

You can download the latest version of at the Microsoft download Center.


Just to be on the safe side: remove older version before installing the new one


S4B Online Powershell behaves a bit different than other Version of Powershell when used behind a proxy server. Azure Active Directory PowerShell for example does not need any special configuration to use the proxy settings of your PC. Sadly, S4B Online PS need some tweaks to get it working.


You must use a proxy server, it does not support automatic configurations scripts like PAC-Files. The server must be set in Internet Explorer settings (or Windows 10 system proxy settings).

To connect to Skype for Business Online type:


Updated and still not working?

If you can’t find any installed module in your “Add remove programs” you can do the following:


Enter the following command and see if it returns more than one result.


It should print something like this

If you find an older entry for SkypeOnline or LyncOnline go to the Directory and delete the file. This happens if older Version use the same cmds which do not offer all functions.